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Arcana Technoclysm update: Magical UPS, whistle crafting, and bionic installation

2024-05-17 #cdda #games #software

I've updated my mod Arcana Technoclysm for Cataclysm: DDA with some more new features.

First the changes. The vehicle whistles can now be crafted from each other, so if you find the boat whistle and really wanted the motorcycle whistle you can still craft it. The recipes are written in the Cleansing Flame book and the arcana lab journal. Also, there are some more Technoclysm item spawns in the strange warehouse, so poke around! Technoclysm items can also spawn rarely with other Arcana items in labs or magic locations.

The first new feature is an eternal UPS (power supply) which uses magical energy to constantly provide power to UPS-enabled tools. It has a recharge rate of about 2 kJ per minute and is fairly small, and can be either crafted or found.

The second, and more important, new feature is a magical means of installing bionics. Bionic talismans can be crafted from any power storage or power generation CBM. Using the bionic talisman will temporarily summon a magical avatar of the bionic, who will install any bionic for you before disappearing. This provides a means of installing bionics outside of the Exodii using another otherworldly force who may be more or less friendly.