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Finding discussion about

2023-01-25 #deepdive #discovery

I couldn't find much about with a cursory glance over the internet, so I went looking.

On itself I discovered a post from Roman Martin's blog when found him back in 2020 the same way they did me recently.

Here's a Hacker News subthread from 2020, where the creator of, Vishnu KS, is promoting it. Here's a smaller subthread from 2022, and another subthread from 2021, and one more from 2020.

One of the HN threads was linked in a blog post from jerieljan.

There've been HN submissions of, and a Reddit post, but none have taken any traction. is briefly mentioned in techweez article, a comment on a article, and a Medium post from Oleg Semerikov.

That's all I've found so far, seems a small project but I wanted to dig up as much discussion as I could!