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I graduated from MVNU!

2023-05-07 #academics #life

ribbon cut just before the baccalaureate service

I graduated from MVNU yesterday, summa cum laude & Honors scholar! I did it, an A in every class!

I'm really done hit me in a small way now that I can clean up all the academic files and folders and apps I have hanging around my computers. I don't need my LMS anymore. Most of my hundreds of old assignments are worth as much as the paragraphs I wrote in 3rd grade. Notebooks filled with doodles and math homework are useless.

Of course, the important things I started during my time at MVNU won't stop just because I graduated. Projects like my mapping tool and the creative writing work that I've done will continue, the dozens of good friends I've made are still my friends even now that we've gone our separate ways, and all the social and academic knowledge pounded into my head is solidly there, ready for the rest of my life.