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Mapping tool 0.4 release

2023-01-04 #mappingtool #release #software


Version 0.4 of the mapping tool is out!

You can download it here:

You can use the online demo here:

Once you’ve tested the new version, please fill out the feedback survey.

New Renderer and Graphics

Version 0.4 of the mapping tool has an updated graphics engine for drawing the maps. Terrain and objects are now represented by small graphical tiles and images for more engaging and easy-to-read maps.

The new graphics engine comes with a fully revamped set of graphics for each terrain and object type, along with entirely new terrain and objects. We now have multiple types of forest, sand, vegetation, castles, towers, and more. Single objects like a tree or a tower have placeholder public domain graphics for testing purposes.

You can also draw terrain like rocks on top of other terrain like grass or sand, with proper layering graphics.

With the new rendering engine comes better performance; everyone including Firefox users will notice the speed increase! Even without any advanced performance tuning, the mapping tool should be a much more responsive experience.


As always, your feedback is important. The new renderer changes the way much of the mapping tool looks and some of how it works, so I need to know what is a hit and what is a miss. Please take the feedback survey or send me an email or other message to let me know what you like and what needs changed, fixed, or added!

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