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Mapping tool 0.5 release

2023-01-21 #mappingtool #release #software

Hello all!

Here’s version 0.5 of the mapping tool!

You can download it here:

You can use the online demo here:

Once you’ve tested the new version, please fill out the feedback survey.

You can click everything now!

One of the primary bits of feedback I received was for a better user interface, and version 0.5 now has a full palette sidebar so that every single control is clickable instead of needing to use the keyboard for everything! The big blob of help text is also much reduced; there are labels, icons, and/or buttons for everything and you can hover your mouse over them if you want to know the keyboard shortcuts.

A screenshot of the sample map in the mapping tool

Rapid improvements on the way

The project is now in the stage of tweaking usability. The core features and gritty details have all been programmed. This means I will be rapidly fixing the user interface, improving the graphics, and focusing on addressing your feedback and suggestions. Planned improvements include:


Your feedback on the previous surveys has been very helpful! After you test this version, please fill out the 0.5 survey. I greatly appreciate when you fill out the survey; not only is it useful for guiding development of the mapping tool but it is very useful for the academic side of the project to have scientific data such as “how many people like this feature” or “how has the rating of this user interface changed between versions”. So if you can spare a few minutes of your time to complete the survey, I’ll be very grateful!