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Recommended reading list


I recommend these books.

* indicates I've only listened to the audiobook

Author (Series) Title Brief Notes
Update 2023-05-08
Joe Abercrombie (The Age of Madness) A Little Hatred (#1) Grimdark fantasy politics & war, character-driven
The Trouble with Peace (#2)
A Little Hatred (#3)
Daniel Abraham (The Long Price Quartet) A Shadow in Summer (#1) Character-driven decade-spanning look at power and world-shaping magic
A Betrayal in Winter (#2)
An Autumn War (#3)
The Price of Spring (#4)
Max Brooks World War Z Interview-style zombie apocalypse post-mortem
Margaret Atwood (MaddAddam) Oryx and Crake (#1) Incredibly bleak dystopia and apocalypse. The first book in the trilogy is a vivid look at the world through the eyes of a wonderfully flawed character. The later two books expand the points-of-view; still strong, but they can't compare to the first.
The Year of the Flood (#2)
MaddAddam (#3)
Update 2023-06-06
Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid's Tale) The Handmaid's Tale (#1) Another dystopia, this one less technical than Oryx and Crake, though repeating similar themes. The limited point of view is once again compelling.
The Testaments (#2)
Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel Witty, eerie, magical, wonderous, humorous: this story is a massive enthralling tale with a strong setting.
Helene Wrecker (The Golem and the Jinni) The Golem and the Jinni (#1) Arabic & Jewish immigrant culture in New York with a lot of mysticism.
The Hidden Palace (#2) Completes the story of the first book
Update 2023-10-06
Katherine Addison The Goblin Emperor Royal court political intrigue fantasy of manners
Arkaday & Boris Strugatsky Roadside Picnic (trans. Olena Bormashenko) Weird sci-fi with alien artifacts and strange happenings. Part of the inspiration for the Metro games.
Alfred Bester The Stars My Destination Villianous, expansive, offensive: a 1956 sci-fi novel filled of vengeance
Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn * Cultureful, adventuresome, descriptive, rowdy: an American classic
Mary Beard SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome Detailed history with a healthy mix of significant figures and the general populace
"Shoggy" The Adventures of the All Guardsmen Party Warhammer 40k adventures, as an RPG story

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