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First place prize for my mapping tool presentation at MVNU's sURC

2023-04-21, 2023-04-25 #academics #mappingtool #software

A map being drawn in the mapping tool

Update 2023-04-25: MVNU sURC press release featuring my mapping tool

I presented my Mapping Tool for fifteen minutes at MVNU's sURC on April 5th, taking home the first place prize of the Symposium. My friends and faculty showed up en masse at my presentation, making for a lively Q&A and a really fun time.

sURC itself was interesting. There were around twenty presenters in total. The Honors students presented their senior projects and other students presented their summer research projects in a conference format. In my room we had a wide variety of presentations: an analysis of continuous glucose monitors in diabetic patients, a presentation of a concussion-detecting device for athletes, an examination of religion and spirituality in occupational therapy, and my own software project.

This sURC presentation was my presentation for the Honors program portion of my project, so in it I focused on how user feedback shaped the development of the mapping tool with an overview of project features and the development process. Later I'll have a twenty-five minute presentation on the details of programming and engineering the project.

For more information on the mapping tool, including download links and a quick-start guide, see the mapping tool website.

(More about how I made the GIFs used in the presentation.)